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Industry News (DJI announcement today)!

It's official, all the new drone tech sites just made the announcements less than an hour ago. "DJI Mavic Air: Folding 4K mini drone coming Jan. 28 for $800". The price point is really nice but it's really the Mavic-like features that make this a game changer - 4K @ 100Mbs!!! Guess who's pre-ordering one this week...

Here are the full specs [courtesy of CNET's article]:

  • 3 axis stabilized 4K camera

  • 24mm F2.8 lens

  • new ventilation system prevents overheating

  • increased signal coverage w/ new omnidirectional antenna

  • foldable body

  • 21-minute flight time

  • 2.5-mile range

  • reaches speeds up to 42.5 MPH

  • can take off and fly at up to 16,000 feet above sea level

  • optional remote has been redesigned for portability, with removable thumbsticks

  • built-in 8GB storage with MicroSD expansion

  • USB-C port

  • available in 3 colors: white, black, red

  • preorders start today, ships and available in stores on January 28

  • $799 starting price includes remote, propeller guards and case

  • $999 "Fly More" bundle adds additional propellers, 2 extra batteries and a multi-battery charging hub

You can see more and order on DJI's website here -> https://www.dji.com/mavic-air?site=brandsite&from=homepage



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