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DJI Spark Tag!

In our quest to find a local spot to fly our drones, Joe and I recon'ed a park in the Evergreen area called Chaboya. It's big enough to fly two drones (or more) plus it wasn't crowded that day. This is the second time we've tried what I called "Spark Tag!". The object is to chase and get within 5-6 feet of the other drone then switch places. We were able to do this about half a dozen times before Joe's Spark battery started running low. Hope y'all enjoy the video. 8)



P.S. A couple lessons I picked up from this flying session. (1) Peel off the cover on both the front sensor and the camera. This is why you noticed a "film" like filter effect on my view. Totally unintended! (2) Sync up the video recording time to make it easier to pair each video in the video editing software. LOL

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