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Sparking at Seacliff Beach today

As anyone who has visited this website or seen my RF YouTube channel knows, I frequently fly my drones off the beaches near Santa Cruz. Today, my buddy Joe and I visited Seacliff State Beach just south of Capitola/Santa Cruz (this was my first time). As usual, I had some hiccups with the DJI Go app! Fortunately I was able to get a good hours worth of flying at the beach. What kind of sucked was I ran into one of the state park rangers who verbally told me that you can't fly a drone on the beach without a permit. Apparently this is a recent development because of some past drone problems at this specific beach. I did thank him for the heads up (right after I explained to the polite ranger that the B4UFly Android app did not show any warnings for this area except a caution about two airports near my location). As an after thought, I need to express my disappoint and frustration with the growing list of places you can't fly a drone in the bay area [Note: this includes Vasona Park and any Santa Clara County park]. In the long run this is going to hurt the drone industry since it potentially will affect future sales of drones. I mean, what's the point of buying a drone if there's almost no place you can fly it legally?!!

In any case, hope you enjoy this latest video....



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