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A view from somewhere near Almaden

Hey all,

While Joe Mara and I were mucking around yesterday looking for a place to fly drones on his day off, we discovered a few things. First, while Calero Reservoir looks like an awesome spot, the parking attendant told us that you can't fly a drone at any county park [FYI there's no posted signs indicating this]. Secondly, we took a back round off Hwy 101 near Metcalf that ended up taking us to a city park (see photo). It's actually very near Almaden Expressway near my buddy Young's old neighborhood. It wasn't the best place to fly in the middle of the afternoon but nobody bothered us. In fact, we had a few people stop ask us about what kind of drone we were flying! I didn't see any cool videos from my flying time but here's one that Joe took.



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