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Despite flying my DJI Spark going on two months, I ran into a problem earlier this week when I went to Fowler Park. For the life of me, I couldn't get my remote control to link up to the Spark. I tried every technique including the tutorial on the DJI Go 4 app but it wouldn't take. Finally after taking it home, I tinkered around with it ended up linking. Murphy's Law! Since I have my first official gig at Los Gatos this weekend, I'm going to check and double-check (i.e. preflight) early Saturday morning to make sure there's no hiccups. In the meantime, I'm saving up to get a Mavic Pro as my new primary work drone. 8)


P.S. Since I could only get the Spark to work on gesture and smartphone mode at Fowler Park, I snapped a couple quick

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