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Video and high quality photos from last week's visit to Fowler Park during the weekday

Just a quick update. I was testing the ability to locate my niece Miley and her friend Ana using just the view from the DJI 4 App on my Nexus 5X smartphone (i.e. no Line-of-Sight). The idea is to see how practical it would be to use the DJI Spark to find an object or person(s). While there are other drones that have longer range and flight time, the biggest advantage for the DJI Spark is its light weight and portability which can make a big difference if you need to hike to a remote location while doing Search & Rescue. The other thing I am exploring is using an Apple iPad Air for real time viewing while doing a S&R. I've noticed that I miss details while viewing my DJI 4 App live on my Nexus 5X screen that I will notice when reviewing the same video on my Lenovo 2K screen at home. I'd like to see if the iPad Air's high quality Retina screen will allow me to catch details while viewing the streaming Spark video live. I plan on testing this in the next few weeks.



P.S. The girls still had fun while JR and I were flying and talking shop about drones. 8P

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