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Sunday morning @ Baylands Park (revisited)

I haven't flown my Spark since Thursday afternoon. So I got up early this morning to take the Spark for a fly by at Baylands Park in Sunnyvale. While it was a glorious morning, it was a tad bit crowded with other flyers (mostly RC planes). My original plan was to test out the active track, orbit and spiral modes but that required a good portion of the field that was already occupied by the RC plane fliers when I got there. The backup plan ended up with me doing some tour of the walking trails. The last part of my plan was to fly really high (300-400 feet) with some panoramic shots of the valley. However like all well intention plans, it was foiled when I lost connection with the Spark twice. I don't think it was a range issue as much as interference with the other fliers in the immediate area. In any case, I did get some practice time with 3 of the batteries!



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