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FAA Part 107 certification

Hi all,

Part of my goal of turning my drone interest into a business will require taking the FAA Part 107 test. I've been searching the web and YouTube for the best test preparation material. Fortunately today, I found this awesome Tony & Chelsea Northup YouTube video. Without a doubt this is the best tool I've found these last few weeks of searching. As someone who is already technical, I found Tony's presentation surprisingly easy to follow. After 2-3 hours of watching and taking notes, I feel really confident on taking the test within the next week or so (versus my original estimate of taking late October or even in November). If you're planning o n taking the test yourself, do yourself a favor and watch this video at least once. Also check out their Free FAA Part 107 sUAS & Drone Certification Study Guide.

Cheers and good luck,


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